Physical Medicine & Rehab

Physical Medicine & Rehab are disciplines of medicine that focus on pain relief, and restoring proper function to the neuromusculosketal systems of the body (the nerves, muscles, soft tissues, joints, and bones). At Puyallup Regenerative Medicine Spine & Injury Center, we design comprehensive, patient-centered treatment plans so our patient can return to optimal function. We utilize a number of cutting-edge and time-tested therapies and treatments, as listed below, to maximize function and quality of life for our patients.. Some are cutting-edge, while others are time tested. Our patients who receive Physical Medicine & Rehab treatments range in age from adolescents, to the elderly. Below are some of the treatments and therapies that have shown tremendous effectiveness.

Therapeutic Exercises & Rehab Therapy

When someone is in pain, stabilization of structures in the body are of utmost importance for long term sustained relief. Depending upon your specific condition, we will tailor a custom made program of stretches and exercises to correct your condition. This will not only decrease your pain faster, but will help strengthen and stabilize the areas that are injured. Thus decreasing your healing time, and allowing fewer visits to our clinic. Our focus is to utilize functional rehab exercises and restore proper movement disorders.

Custom Foot Orthotics

Your feet are the foundation to your body. If the normal arches in your feet are altered, it can result in many different ailments like plantar fasciitis, foot pain, bunions, ankle pain, shin splints, knee pain, hip pain, and low back pain to name a few. Many times, providers overlook arches and biomechanics of the feet when assessing these and other conditions. We assess if improper arches are contributing to our patients ailments. If they are, the solution is truly customizable foot orthotics to correct the abnormal arches in the feet. We utilize a company called Mojo Feet. We cast our patients feet in office, in the optimal arch position, and then send the casts off to the engineering lab in Colorado where they are made custom to support your weight and activity levels.